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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

At Meraki, we take Reduce. Reuse, and Recycle seriously. We want our candles to be added to your favorite space but not only as a candle, also after you finish burning it. That’s why we have carefully chosen our premium vessels so they can either stand a refill or have a second life in your home, office, or wellness area. We highly recommend repurposing your premium vessels after your Meraki candle finishes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Meraki Candles NYC

What Our Customers Say

"Meraki Candles are the perfect touch for my home. They are elegant and provide that warm and cozy feeling. Looking forward to my next purchase"
I love to buy candles, but it’s always a challenge to find good ones that will fill the room with their scent, whether it’s lit or not. Meraki Candles do just that!! I have tried all their candles so far, and there isn’t one I don’t love.
What truly captivates me about these candles is their undeniable sense of chic sophistication. The creators have perfected the art of blending heavenly fragrances with the subtle charm of ceramic vessels
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