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All of our candles are hand-poured, which means variations may occur + are natural. However, we’ve chosen the highest quality components to ensure you enjoy a good candle.
Our candles are clean and safe and made from a plant-derived, vegan natural soy blend wax which is gluten free, toxic free, paraben free and phthalate free. We also use wooden wicks that are eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic, and ethically sourced from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills; and our fragrance oils are phthalate-free as well.

At Meraki, we take Reduce. Reuse, and Recycle seriously. We want our candles to be added to your favorite space but not only as a candle, also after you finish burning it. That’s why we have carefully chosen our premium vessels so they can either stand a refill or have a second life in your home, office, or wellness area. We highly recommend repurposing your premium vessels after your Meraki candle finishes. So here we’re giving you some tips to do so.


“I love to buy candles, but it’s always a challenge to find good ones that will fill the room with their scent, whether it’s lit or not. Meraki Candles do just that!! I have tried all their candles so far, and there isn’t one I don’t love. I cannot wait to get my hands on their next collection. I’m definitely going to become a regular”.Freddy
“Meraki Candles are the perfect touch for my home. They are elegant and provide that warm and cozy feeling. Looking forward to my next purchase”

“I recently had the pleasure of discovering Meraki coconut soy candles, and I must say, they have quickly become an absolute favorite of mine. These candles embody a remarkable combination of super quality, elegance, and a remarkable longevity that truly sets them apart from the other brands my family have tried.
From the moment you light one of these candles, your space is transformed into a sanctuary of relaxation and bliss, enveloping you in an atmosphere of tranquility. These candle also uplift the mood and create a luxurious ambiance for any occasion.”

“I love sustainable products!
First and foremost, the quality of these coconut soy candles is outstanding. They last way more than I expected. They are so gorgeous and create an eco-friendly burn, devoid of any harmful toxins. These candles and their clean components not only ensures me safer environments for me and my family but also contributes to a more sustainable planet which I love since I’m always looking for green products.”.

“What truly captivates me about these candles is their undeniable sense of chic sophistication. The creators have perfected the art of blending heavenly fragrances with the subtle charm of ceramic vessels, resulting in a collection that is truly indulgent. Also, the longevity of these coconut soy candles is truly remarkable. The burn time exceeds expectations “.Elisa
“Kisses to the makers!! The combination of high-quality materials and meticulous handcrafted candles ensures that each one burns perfectly and efficiently, maximizing their lifespan. You can savor the comforting glow and enchanting fragrances for hours; even when they aren’t lit. What I specifically look for after a long day of work is relaxation or to infuse my space with a touch of elegance, and these candles give me that. The attention to detail, from the exquisite packaging to their chosen scents, is a testament to the dedication of the makers behind these candles”.

“I was searching for a truly luxurious and long-lasting candle experience, until I find you guys. The quality, chic aesthetics, and extended burn to the enchanting ambiance these candles offer, I’m 100% any of you customers will ever be disappointed. I treated myself and my loved ones with the holiday collection as christmas presents and OMG, we all loved them so much that I needed to get the other collections as soon as I came back from my holiday trip. I have transformed my living room into a luxurious space and my bedroom into a relaxation and peaceful place with these remarkable candles-they truly deserve a place in your home. My favorites: Magnolias and Autumn Breeze”.

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