Spring Collection

As our first collection, it brings together three enchanting scents, each thoughtfully selected to capture the essence of this blooming season.

Indulge your senses with the delicate yet captivating aroma of Honeysuckle Jasmine, a blend that evokes images of sun-drenched meadows and sweet-scented breezes. Immerse yourself in the calming and rejuvenating fragrance of White Tea, reminiscent of peaceful moments spent in a tranquil garden oasis.

Experience the timeless elegance of Magnolias & Peonies, where the alluring notes of these exquisite blooms create an ambiance of grace and beauty.
Presented in premium ceramic vessels with a matte finish and earthy colors, these candles are designed to become a staple decorative piece, adding a crisp and modern touch to your home.

Since this collection is being launched during the spring, we’ve curated the following floral scents for our first candles: Honeysuckle Jasmine, White Tea, and Magnolias & Peonies.

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